Rigby’s Shine Session- Northern Virginia Pet Photographer

I was so honored to be chosen to photograph Rigby during his final stages of Lymphoma.  He fought a good fight, but sadly he succumbed to the disease just days after our shoot.  It was so important to his family to capture him with them before he passed.  Rigby was very energetic on the day of our shoot, excited and food driven!  We even caught him snooping in our goodie bag..

blog.rigby.shine2I loved watching him act like his breed.. alert, energetic, pointing, chasing sticks, and above all his extreme loyalty to his family.  He was never far from them, 20 feet at the most.  It was a beautiful day, and a lovely family.  My heart aches for them.  Rigby crossed the Rainbow Bridge just before Christmas.  I’m so happy that they contacted me and that we were able to do this shoot when we did.  Shine sessions are time sensitive shoots, and I will move mountains to make them happen.  These memories are priceless for the family. I had a wonderful assistant, Michelle Henry, a good friend and wonderful Veterinarian Technician.  She did a great job keeping tabs on Rigby and how he was holding up during the session.  He did amazingly well!  Here are just a few of my faves from the day..

Shine Sessionblog.rigby.shine3 blog.rigby.shine4 blog.rigby.shine5 blog.rigby.shine6 blog.rigby.shine7 blog.rigby.shine8 blog.rigby.shine9 blog.rigby.shine10 blog.rigby.shine11 blog.rigby.shine12 blog.rigby.shine13

Enjoy that walk over the Rainbow Bridge Rigby.  Be sure to say “woof” to my Grayson Louise!

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